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CPTV was happy to post-produce this piece for a wonderful organization, Operation Walk - Maryland. They are a private, not-for-profit, volunteer medical service organization that provides free surgical treatment for patients in developing countries and in the United States. They treat those suffering from disabling arthritis and other debilitating bone and joint conditions. Their mission is to help those who have little to no access to life-improving care. They provide all care including joint replacement implants at no cost. This is possible through the generous donations of individual and corporate supporters.

Post - Production

Our Avid Media Composer editing systems are state of the art. Avid is the leading video post-production software used by all major networks and film production companies. 

Loudoun Unscripted

Audio Visual Rentals

CPTV offers event planning, and corporate development services as well. If you have a big meeting, convention, or show & you need to promote your brand, our marketing and event planning services will surely result in success. 

Native American Television

All of the professional AV Equipment that we use on our jobs is available to be rented. These items are ideal for meetings, parties, events, or productions. All of the equipment is professional grade so you can be sure quality is a guarantee .

Leesburg Unscripted is the result of a partnership created by CS Monroe Technology Center & Capitol Productions Television  which was intended to help mainstream students in their Video Production Department with businesses located in Leesburg. The partnership started as joint venture with the Town of Leesburg having the students broadcast the Town of Leesburg Town Council & Planning Commission meetings under CPTV's supervision.

Since then, the program has evolved. Together, CPTV & the video production students have created a program entitled "Loudoun Unscripted". This series is produced entirely by the students, under CPTV's supervision and guidance. We allow them to come up with stories and conduct interviews of their choosing using our professional broadcast cameras and  our professional Avid editing system. This project has been so fun for us at CPTV, and the kids have such an incredible opportunity to apply their skills in a truly professional setting.

Video Production

June 1st begins Immigrant Heritage Month 2017 and the ‘I Am An Immigrant’ campaign is launching ‘I Stand With Immigrants’, a brand new year-long initiative that provides new avenues for individuals, companies, organizations, and public leaders–to take action in support of their immigrant employees, colleagues, constituents, neighbors and friends.

Join us on the road, online, and in your companies and organizations as the national I Am An Immigrant coalition proudly states #IStandWithImmigrants!

Event Planning & 

Corporate Development

CPTV is one of the most diversified video production companies in the DC Metropolitan Area. With over 25 years of experience in professional broadcasting we guarantee only the best quality productions.

Native American Television is the first Native American multimedia broadcasting network and technology training news organization located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Founded in 1990 by the late Chuck Kaster, NATV is continuing his dream of training Native Americans in television and multimedia.

CPTV is the main production company to Native American Television, we provide all production, post production, and journalism training on behalf of NATV.

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